Summer Meadow Table Scape

Good morning! Well, the dull days have not improved since last week, in fact it’s now not just dull, but raining! We really are in the full throes of winter now, so I thought I would brighten up your day with a feature on summer table scapes. These ideas would be lovely for a home intimate wedding or gathering.

Back in the hazy days of summer sunshine, I went for a quick forage in the hedgerows to gather some grasses and buttercups which are great for creating a wild, country look for your table. I always believe that nature creates its own colour palette which never looks wrong!

I chose pastel colours which complimented the stationery and teamed it with a botanically dyed table runner (I will share a tutorial on how I did this this another time)

Mismatched candle holders and an array of candles adorn the table, which keeps it not only visually interesting, but I used scented tealights which bring in another dimension to your experience.

TIP: When planning your table scapes, try to involve all of your senses and imagine you are creating an immersive experience for your guests; think if scents and lighting, candles bring an undeniable romance.

The wild grasses filled different shaped vases and bowls; great for going to boot fairs and charity shops to gather a variety whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

I picked plates that have a wildflower look and rose gold cutlery, the glasses also create part of the theme with the colours blending with the candles.

TIP: Do not forget the cutlery and glassware as these can make a dramatic difference to the finished look.

Lastly, I used the rest of the flowers (and some roses from my garden) to create the bouquet, finished with my hand dyed silks.

You can also use this approach to create a romantic sweetheart table.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did creating it, let me know what you think in the comments.

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