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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

A cute little project for DIY wedding favours that is both thoughtful and edible!

I picked up these cute little Kilner's and jars from my local Jeremy's Home Store (It sells EVERYTHING) I have filled mine with Seville Marmalade - You can find the recipe here

TIP: If you do not have the time to make the spread, then simply buy a good quality alternative and spoon carefully into the jars using a teaspoon.

You will need:

Small Jars with either clip lids or screw tops

Either a homemade spread, jam or marmalade or a bought alternative


Stamps and Inks

or; Calligraphy set with gold ink

TIP: Try and pick something that will suit your table design and theme

Simple text and a decorative embellishment really compliments the theme.

I have decorated them in keeping with my meadow theme, but you can keep to your theme with little decorative items and ribbons.

I made my tags but you can of course buy them and print the text. Experiment with different papers and inks to really compliment your table design. Try stamping, watercolour washes, embossing or take a calligraphy course to learn a new skill.

I would really love to see what you make for your edible favours so please do share with me on social media.

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