Pear Place Names

I rather like to use what I can find naturally to come up with designs and these pear place names are no exception!

We have a pear tree growing in the garden and to be honest, they were really rather hard! Which made them perfect to use for my project. Of course, if you need to buy them, ensure that they are not ripe so that they last.

Pear trees bear fruit that is harvested late summer to October. Pear wood is often the preferred wood for wood wind instruments and furniture.

Pears were cultivated in China as early as 2000 BC!! And history shows that they were also popular in Roman times. Old cookbooks shows that they stewed them and also made soufflé type dishes!

Anyway, I digress! for this project;


Under ripe Pears

Gold Leaf

PVA Glue

Glue gun

Gold Ink

Green Card


I decided to add a bit of glamour in the way of rose gold leaf and I simply used some PVA glue to add this around the bottom of the pear.

For the actual ‘name’ I made leaves out of card and wrote in gold calligraphy, I stuck these onto the fruit using a glue gun. The other option was to insert an eyelet at the top and attach around the stem with some thread.

If you are incorporating fruit into your design, I think these are really cute. Fruit can bulk up your table centres and add another dimension.

For another idea, you could try using real leaves – I would recommend camelia or something of a strong structure. Next time the pears appear, I will try this!

As always, I would love to see your fruit creations in the comments.

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