Peacock Inspired Pallet Table Plan Project

I adore the colours of peacocks and think this colour scheme for a wedding would be divine! I was looking to make a table plan from an old pallet as these are easy to come by and can lend themselves as a great base for many things for your wedding, this project is for a table plan. I would see this Peacock table plan a perfect addition to your outdoor wedding.

I wanted to change to colour of the pallet for a different look, rather then the usual rustic one that I have seen. I chose a vibrant paint, in ‘Peacock’ a waterproof one suitable for wood. It needed two coats and I painted the back sections too as I could see the natural wood at different angles.

The table plan letters were from Hobbycraft and I deco patched them, I would probably have chosen better colours but with lock down, it was all I could source! I will share a tutorial on how to do this another time.

Next, I sourced some flat moss, I asked a florist friend to assist as I couldn’t locate any. I would suggest visiting your local florist and asking if they can order you some. I had one box but could have done with two or three.

Now, I figured it would be easy armed with my trusty glue gun. However……the moss is damp and therefore would not take hold easily if at all! I have wedding kit (as I am part of Concept Coordination Team) and I have a staple gun. This worked wonderfully!! Once the moss was in place, (I wanted to see the colour in places) I glue gunned my letters in place.

The table names and lists were purchased from an etsy seller for under £10 and I printed them here on pretty shimmer card. I chose a simple peacock feather design. This is a very cost-effective way of buying your wedding stationery if you have the means to print it at home.

I selected ferns, grasses and some pink roses to decorate, all from my garden. If you do not have a garden I would suggest foraged in the hedgerows and in the countryside. Be sure to know what it is you are picking though and do your research as some plants are poisonous. Also be aware that it is illegal to pick some of our wildflowers.

It being summer, the fields and hedgerows are abundant with gorgeous gifts. One lesson I did learn was that ferns wilt very quickly in the heat and sun. I completed the decoration with peacock feathers – which oddly my cat was obsessed with!

And there you have it! I hope you give this project a go and tag me in your designs on Instagram as I would love to see.

Much Love


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