Micro Weddings; Pros and Cons

I thought I should shed a little light on this buzz word that is around now, as I am hearing it more and more due to the COVID restrictions. I personally, COVID or not, think it’s a fantastic way to have your dream wedding but with smaller numbers and therefore a smaller budget.

You may be confused with the different descriptions around the small weddings, so here is a little breakdown.

SMALL: 50-70 Guests

INTIMATE: 30-50 Guests

MICRO: 20 or less Guests, focussing on the guest experience, this is not about saving money.

ELOPEMENT: Just the two of you, and witnesses, often done in secret.

I am seeing a growing trend in the need and the want to have a wedding that focusses on the guests and the immersive wedding experience. With micro wedding you can absolutely have all the cake, the speeches etc, but equally you can pick and choose the elements that you want to have.

The Pros of a Micro Wedding:

All aspects are less overwhelming, from the planning to the day itself. A much more relaxed experience

You will have the time to engage with all your guests, and cater to their individual needs effectively

You can add details and thoughtful touches - so much easier with a small number

You don’t need to scrimp on the food budget as you are catering for less

Save money without compromising on your style, The rules are yours! A smaller amount attending means that you prioritise what is important and what you want to spend the budget on

The Cons of Micro Wedding:

Well, the only one I can really think of is the obvious: you may not be able to invite everyone that you want to. Think very carefully about whether this is what you want as you may put certain peoples noses out of joint.

How do I start planning a Micro Wedding?

Start the planning with the Budget as you would with a full-scale wedding. Then make a list TOGETHER, of your priorities.

Next is the all-important guest list, make a list of who you would love to have there and not the people you feel obliged to have there. At this point you will know if the idea of the Micro Wedding will work for you both.

Next is the particularly important venue, absolutely make sure its suitable to hold all the guests comfortably, and not too big that you are going to rattle around. There are a few venues in the UK that are perfect for a Micro Wedding – check out our Instagram to find out more!

Are you planning a Micro Wedding? I would love to hear in the comments below.

Much Love


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