How to make Rose Water

Dreaming of the summer whilst wall to wall grey skies cover me like a blanket, sigh, I always think we do not appreciate the summer when its here and now I really wish I could catch some rays that have that magically uplifting power!

In preparation for the summer foraging, I thought I would show you how easy it is to make Rose Water, it’s a great gift or wedding favour. I think it would be a lovely fresh spritzer to add to your your bathroom baskets or into the bridal parties’ rooms.

I am so lucky that I have a couple of rose bushes in the garden and one has a beautiful fragrance.


Saucepan and lid


Fragranced Rose Petals

Distilled water


Coloured glass bottles

I pick the petals as the rose is nearing the end of its bloom as I like to enjoy them in the garden first. I collect a bowl full first thing in the morning. Place a heatproof bowl that will fit inside your saucepan to collect the hydrosol as it drips down.

HYDROSOL: This is the condensate water that is collected through distillation.

You can make all sorts of hydrosols and I am planning a geranium leaf one for this year, it smells sublime and evokes memories of my grandmothers green house.

Turn the saucepan lid upside down so that the dome can let the hydrosol drip down and into the bowl.

I use distilled water that I purchased on Amazon in order to have the purest hydrosol possible.

Put the petals around the bowl in the saucepan and cover with the water. Simply heat gently and collect the condensate in the bowl.

Add ice cubes to the top (as per pic) this gives extra condensation.

Decant the liquid into coloured glass bottles (to protect from light) using a little funnel.

When I was ready to use, I decanted into pretty bottles and sprays (keep these in the fridge for a really fresh spritz!)

I did note that the fragrance lasts a few months only, so if you are making for your wedding, ensure to prepare around 6 weeks prior to use.

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