Granny Ockwell's Seville Marmalade

Granny Ockwell’s Seville Orange marmalade

This super tangy, tasty marmalade is fantastic to go into the 'Spread the Love' Jars project for your favours.

My Granny was a wonderful cook and was known for her AMAZING Seville orange marmalade. Over the years that I have made it, I may have adjusted the method slightly, but the Ingredients remain just the same.

You will need:

A large pan - I have a Maslin pan

A long wooden spoon



3lb Seville Oranges

2 Lemons

6lb Sugar

4 1/2 Pints water

TIP: Seville Oranges are only available for about 3 weeks a year around February time (this is what I have found)

BUT the good news is that they freeze really well so stock up when you see them


Pour boiling water onto the fruit and cook gently for two hours. I tend to then leave them in the water overnight until they are cooled as I find them easier to handle.

Take them out and finely cut them up, I put the flesh back into the water. This is a very laborious process so be warned!!! Get your friends to help if at all possible because really thick cut is not overly nice (of course you may like it like that!

Next, return to the water and add the sugar. Bring to the boil for 15-20 minutes and then test.

I do this by putting a plate into the freezer and then drop some onto the cold plate and press along. If it crinkles it will set perfectly.

Next; make sure that you sterilise the jars; wash in hot soapy water and i then pop them in the oven to dry. Be careful to remove the rubber seal and metal parts if using clip jars.

Finally, fill the jars and pop a wax seal on top. Leave to cool and then you can clip/screw shut and these will keep really well so you can definitely make these in advance.

Much Love


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