DIY Chair Backs - Flowers and Tulle

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

These lovely chair backs are actually easier to make than you think. However, I wouldn't have thought that you can make them too far in advance so you would need to pull in some help! They would be ideal for a small wedding or even just for the top table.


What you will need:


Flowers with long stems

Floristry Tape

Tulle (I used a roll)

How to:

Begin by cutting all of the stems to a length of about a foot, you may also want some shorter ones as I have done with the daisies. You want to keep the flowers and amounts even either side.

You then wrap the florist tape around the middle; its great to use as its self adhesive so the more you wrap it the tighter and more secure it is.

I then simply tied the tulle round the centre and made a knot and then tied it round the top of the chair finishing in a lovely bow. Keep the length quite long to give a really lovely whimsical look. And that's it! See, I told you it was simple!!!

I also have some more chair back ideas to come; super simple but really effective!

Take Care


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