Blooming Parasols

These floral parasols are one of my most likes pictures on Instagram, they are super simple to make and will make a gorgeous addition to your venue décor.

I have always been rather taken with bringing the outdoors inside and envisage these looking gorgeous in a clear roofed marquee or greenhouse setting.

The parasol has been around for many many years and most of us are familiar with seeing them as an accessory for wealthy woman in Victorian times. They go back a lot longer than this! Around 4000 years ago, they were used in Egypt and China and were made from natural materials such as bamboo and palm leaves. Back then the rules suggested that royalty and nobility kept their pale skin.

In the early 20th Century, waterproof versions took over and made the parasol rather unfashionable. Nobility were now encouraged to show tanned skin as a show of their beach lifestyle.


Parasols, I have used the traditional white, but there are many options for you to choose from now.

Flowers. I have used hydrangeas and gypsophila.

String or twine to attach to the ceiling

This really is the simplest project. Open the parasol and lay the flowers around the edges. I see no reason to secure them as the shape of the parasol keeps them in. I used hydrangeas, as I do love them and they have a large head. However, these are quite pricey. Gypsophila is a great filler and very economical so use plenty of this to give a full effect.

Both of these flowers dry really well, so you don’t need to use them fresh.

You will need to test out how to fix these to the ceiling of your venue, ensure that you take advice from the venue as to what you can use to attach them.

Do show me your makes in the comments.

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